driving driving driving

man, this is getting boring.

so, this morning I was able to get on the road by 7:05, maybe + a few minutes. I got to work by 7:45. So it was better, but not astounding.

Last night, now, THAT was astounding. I took a friends advice and instead of going all the way down Rt 17 to Rt 3, I took 17 to the Garden State Parkway to Rt. 3. Even though the GSP puts me further west than 17 would (more backtracking) I really think it knocked 1/2 an hour off of my drive! I left work at around 5:10 and got to JC by 5:55, with enough time to go inside and change my clothes before proceeding into the city (via public transportation, I might add!) for a dinner date with some girlfriends. Sweet! I am going to give that a go again tonight too, the better to decide if it’s a fluke or not.

There was a downside to that route, however — one of the worst tailgaters I’ve ever experienced latched onto my rear-end for a while. He was one of those two-footed drivers, you know, with the brake and the gas at the same time? and he was in a big ugly machine and would swoop and zoom right up behind me. It was terrible. I have to say, if you’re driving a small car and accidentally tailgate people at least it’s not a horrible scary experience like it can be with a big car!