Daily Archives: 1/26/2005

reasons I’m not done with my thesis yet.

1. the undergrad I was working with on one section didn’t do any writing.
2. slow review/change/review process.
3. a little sulky at having missed 2 deadlines. a little more sulky at plans to miss a 3rd.
4. going to gramma’s for a week! yay! but, no time to work.
5. file corruption! heck heck heck. I lost 20 pages of my about 115 page thesis, and had to check every word from a month old backup file with a week old hard copy.
6. mysterious thumping/ceiling falling in noises in my office due to heavy snow and 2 “warm” days in a row. v. exciting, v. scary, v. easy to get distracted when new cracks appear in the walls.

but, today I have to print a big thing out, because tomorrow I catch a 4:45AM bus to a bus to the airport and fly to TN to visit gramma. YAY. I’ll deal with the remaining thesis stuff next week.