Kicks in my Pants.

Ooh. I finally got my applications done. You know how I was talking all big about getting them out tomorrow? Well, best laid plans, and all that. I just dropped them off this AM at Cooper for transcript insertion and mailing. Boy! It could have been a disaster, b/c even though I stopped by last week to make sure that the way I was planning to send out my applications would be OK with them, when I spoke to them yesterday they were saying it wasn’t going to be ok, and they needed more time. No! but I worked it out. It’ll be all right now. It better be.

So, that was my kick in the pants yesterday. And I missed the alleged sex scene from Joe Millionaire last night, too. Damn! I really wanted to watch that. Not because it’s titillating, because I’m sure it wasn’t, but because I wanted to form my own opinion on what happened. That trash TV is so insidious. Someone I know referenced a Simpsons episode set in the future where Marge “You know, Fox turned into a hardcore sex channel so gradually, I didn’t even notice.” Yeah, that’s how I feel too. Even if Fox did refrain from continuing on with Temptation Island, there’s really no way they can avoid their destiny as a hard-core sex station. What’s really funny is how conservative the news coverage on Fox is – it’s interesting that they can flip from being utterly “immoral” and salacious, to conservative and straight-laced. Sometimes, during the same newscast!

Oh, here’s another kick in the pants. I was making this beautiful hat but I was in such a guilty hurry (still haven’t finished Christmas presents! Aaah!) that I didn’t check my gauge, and therefore, the hat is very much too big (the way it should be is in the middle). So instead I’m wearing it flipped up, like the swiss miss. I’m going to try to felt it down tonight. Boy, I hope it works. I love the hat, and the argentinian raw wool yarn I used was fantastic, bits and pieces of vegetable matter not-with-standing. The moral? Always, always check your gauge. I knew that, and still I was somehow mildly surprised when it came out so large! And I always have to go down in needle-size, too. Dummy!

Another kick in the pants: I found I had not given one of my reccommenders the form for one of my schools. Ah! I had to ask someone here early in the AM to do one for me as fast as possible. He did, and I owe him a big old favor. And some beer, I think.

I did have a super fantastic morning despite having to get the last minute recommendation done. I went down to cooper, dropped everything off, and got a chai latte from the Mudtruck. They make them so good there. And then I read one of my new books on the way back up to work. It was all together splendid to sit on the train with my yum drink and a good book.

And this weekend, Gabulo is having a margarita party! So that’ll be fun too, except for the part where I don’t know what to wear to a margarita party. Hm. I have some fake flowers, I guess that’s always appropriate.

The weather last night was dee-vine. Really. It was cool, but not cold (maybe it was 35 degrees. Balmy). And, it was kind of damp out. It was how I imagine winters in the pacific northwest are, all cool and not quite foggy, but the air feels heavy and wet. It was really very nice.