Florida! https://t.co/qrkidtxY9J


Awesome tour today with @AnacostiaRrkper and @SR_Forum! https://t.co/wenfRAsJC8


totally sending a calendar invite for this total solar eclipse to my assateague peeps for 2017. BEACH NERD PARTY! eclipsewise.com/solar/SEnews/T…

The problem w what Trump said isn’t *lewd language.* He described with pride his sexual assault of women. Horrific this needs clarification.

Today I am cosplaying golf. https://t.co/Bj2OXfyTUX


There’s no longer any way for Republicans to boot Donald Trump from the ballot – The Washington Post washingtonpost.com/news/the-fix/w…

Today in Running In The Dark: our hero trips (tired+flipper feet), pulls off a perfect shoulder roll into crouch, jumps up and finishes run.

We got a neighborhood for Magikarp. https://t.co/kWW1LDOvIh


Third place in age group what! https://t.co/RodL6E7MbS


Another 10k achieved! https://t.co/xoK960QoPA


This is important to listen to. Has anything changed? Via @NPR: ‘Working’ Then & Now: Black Chicago Police Officer n.pr/2dbJ6wB

Looking fwd to sharing this every day – it’s a *feature.* Donald Trump said 6 false things on Thurs | Toronto Star thestar.com/news/world/201…

Just a Friday AM tire change on the highway. Srsly so practiced at this but wonder if this happens to normal people? https://t.co/oVOKaAKrIc


Oh you know. Just finishing up my performance evaluation to the gurgles of the fish tank and the hooting of a coyote.

When yr kid wins a free goldfish and you do a lot of research, get an appropriately sized tank. Welcome, Magikarp! https://t.co/YitKoIIgLX


“Poo Pie.” Found in a portapottie. https://t.co/jqH9HwM1ni


Hot and humid 8K accomplished. I can haz parade now? https://t.co/Rhcj8iAB03


Jackie Robinson in 1972: ‘I Cannot Stand and Sing the Anthem; I Cannot Salute the Flag’ theroot.com/articles/cultu… via @TheRoot

When you’re just done with the day and have to lie down with the cat on the kitchen floor. https://t.co/s6zyECzd7s


4 years later: just found my original wedding ring, lost on the way home fm that Assateague trip, in the glove box. https://t.co/lkia1QtfLk