Monthly Archives: August 2013

Oh 6am on first vacation day – how I hate that you’re always crowded with things to get done from work.

so not only do I need to finish work and pack for vacation, tomorrow I also need to call in a potentially unpermitted wetlands encroachment.

In a meeting and over half the men here w button down shirts don’t have an undershirt on. #buttonupdudes #engineers

Yay. Can’t come soon enough!

mikegrundy proving practice makes perfect.

“Mourning has no timetable. Grief isn’t the same for everyone. It does not always go away.” The Trauma of Being Alive

Larnin’ spellin’ with mikegrundy fer Jack Grundy

Grundzilla boys Jack Grundy and mikegrundy

Tracker pulling by Jack Grundy

Harmonica club with Ten.

So good – @daniellesteel on men uncomfortable with successful women. “Why are we not just in the kitchen cooking?”…

great self-defense story for ALL women, and particularly at-risk populations this morning on WNYC…

Nice hair, reflection of me just back from running for first time in ages.

1st actual fortune cookie fortune (as opposed to pithy proverb) I’ve gotten in a while, and it’s brilliant.

Reasons I love the @ACLU – pocket constitutions in the mail, not return address stickers.