hard work!

yesterday I painted for 10 hours straight. When I woke up I was actually surprised that my shoulder hurt so badly — I don’t know why, but I thought it would be much less painful. Yeouch! I painted my kitchen a pale pale pink, and it’s beautiful and bright now instead of dingy and dull. And I put the first coat of white over my gunmetal grey trim and painted the walls of the living room a beautiful peacock blue (it’s a behr color, if you want to look it up), which is a strong clear blue color. I love it. it’s going to look so fantastic.

the difficulty, of course because there is one, is that I have faux recessed walls in the living room which basically means there’s 3x the trim of a normal house. And the trim has been painted over a zillion times, so I’m pretty worried about my ability to have a strong straight line on the edges. I started painting around 2 PM and I did the 1st coat on the trim in 3 hours, and then it only took 1 1/2 hours or so to do the kitchen (because I’m not repainting the trim), and then it took me the next 5 hours to do edging and the walls in the living room. And I have to do another coat! it’s terrible. But if I’m good, it’ll take 2 more days of hard applied labor: one more marathon stint for the 2nd coat of the blue, and another evening for the trim. I can’t WAIT to be done so I can really unpack — my deadline is this week. my informal deadline, of course.