Daily Archives: 5/13/2005

weekend plans and office locations

This weekend I’m graduating from CMU. I wasn’t going to go for the ceremony, but I heard the food at the reception is really good, so…

no, that’s not true. Graduation is a great excuse to go back to pgh and see my buddies. And also help michelle out with packing because she’s a moving super star.

Official word came through, they’re going to be staffing the new office in central NJ next month. My Project Manager will be working from there and I’ll be working mostly on his projects, so it makes sense to move there also. It’s a little crummy b/c my commute is nice and easy now: if I leave at 7 in the morning I’m at work by 7:20 or 7:25. Of course, the drive home takes a little longer, but it goes through paramus, which is where my CSA box will be for pickup! If I’m working from Edison I will have an easy but longer drive TO work and potentially an easier and just as long drive home. That’s the theory, anyway. I have a feeling that going north from Edison in the AM and south TO Edison in the PM is NOT the right way to go, and that’s just what I’ll avoid.

I gambled that it would take them longer to find this office than it really did — but truth be told, I couldn’t have spent another 2 months at the Misters despite our overwhelming and smooshy love for one another. And the whole “boarding house” thing didn’t work out either (I didn’t look for one), and actually, with michelle finding an apartment in PGH (even though she did that b/c I moved for real) the timing would have been pretty awkward. I’m happy with my town! I’ll find a way to get my CSA on back roads and Wednesdays I’ll ALWAYS have to leave work on time. No problem.