IMG_0891She’s a 2006 DRZ-400SM, which I picked up in November 2009 used from craigslist with about 3K miles.

I’ve added some Farkles! They each have their own page and include: dirtbagz saddlebags, givi monolock top case, a spitfire windshield, a bicycle bell, and clarke 3.9 gallon gas tank.

With these additions the motorcycle is a really good long-distance tourer. The upright SM/dual sport position is very comfortable over long days, and while your butt will HURT with the stock seat, y’all: you’re riding a motorcycle. after a couple of hundred miles your butt will hurt. HOWEVER I am planning to get a rebuilt seat for more comfort, and probably an alaska leather sheepskin too. I tried the sweetcheeks but I didn’t like how it changed my seat on the motorcycle (I talk about it briefly here).

The DRZ-400 is my regular commuter – I have a 45 miles each-way trip into the office, and I’ve taken it on a 2500 mile trip through eleven states in eleven days, which I’ve tried to adequately document.