Daily Archives: 5/19/2005

gosh so pretty

a friend of mine pointed out the new loop-d-loop book by Teva Durham, and BOY is it gorgeous. As she said “I never want to do anything ordinary again. if i don’t love the pattern AND yarn, it has no place in my life. ” And while I’m sure I’ll keep plugging away on my little projects, I have so many things that I have half started that I don’t love enough to work on obsessively. Maybe that’s my problem with finishing?

I am going to look this book up in the library, fershur. There’s a great review here for those knittingly inclined (JOY). And if I can’t get it through ILL than I guess I’ll have to track down my local yarn shop, hey? Oh, the “awful” things I will do for knitting! What “self-sacrifice!”