Monthly Archives: July 2014

Nothing days “welcome home” after a 2,000+ 5-day tour of the southeast like a rainbow on the very last leg.

Just learned all about the Mason Dixon line with @mikegrundy. Nerds in cars! Now I know why the top of DE is rounded!…

When you pass two hacks motozooming down the road in your car you can’t help but think “we are doing it wrong.”

This gas station variety orange Julius type drink might be the best 79 cents spent on the trip.

Over the river and through the woods to James and the Giant Peach we go…

Oh you know, just a giant peach water tower. #southcarolina

I’m a little sad we didn’t push on and see what the budget host inn was like. Now final push to Columbus GA!

hey @FakeDeanBaker, I’m smelling your #sleek #exceptionalism behind this…

Cooper Union/elected Alumni Council relationship at a new low:… or Please share w all alumni.

“No skin thick enough: The daily harassment of women in the game industry”…. Recommended reading.

My first official PT was so gratifying. (I have 125deg flex!) But now I have ~45 min of exercises to do at home – 2x a day. #ACLrecoverynerd

Dudes, of all the things I’m most grateful for: making lady friends. I love meeting women. #srsrlynotweird #girlpower #srslyletsbefriends

Ugh this leg thing is such an exercise in patience and perspective. After a really good day yesterday I’m sore as heck and popping Tylenol.

First day driving my own car after surgery, and the wind in my hair and the rattle of the transmission never felt so good. #beaters4eva

Ella Olga Babygoat Torturekitty Murderclaws is often nuts. When groundhog+2 cats lurking in yard -totes justifiable.

The Committee to Save Cooper Union is only $4,124 away from fully funding Phase 1 of the lawsuit! 67 hrs to go…

“The idea is not to dissuade people fm enjoying motorcycles, but showcase realities to educate riders of the risks.”…

I can’t think of a better way to start the 4th than watching school busses in figure eight races.

Feeling pretty amazing that I can now do full reps/sets of PT leg lifts. Because I couldn’t just a few days ago.

just spent some time internetting sustainable/ethical clothing lines… realized I should’ve spent that lost time making my own instead.