Monthly Archives: December 2013

Family trip to ohio derailed by norovirus. We got to pgh and it struck. Thank goodness for Kelly and her 4 bathrooms. We head home tomorrow.

Night vision knitting / don’t disturb the driver

We found the snowy part of our trip to Pittsburgh.

I just entered to #win & you can too: “Aerostich Roadcrafter Light One Piece Suit”. Enter the #giveaway here:

Impulse Xmas gift for @mikegrundy. He’s weaving now and badly needs a place to store his yarn. #what?

I got almost all my Xmas knitting done, but had to IOU 10 and 14 with this note – which they totally loved.

If I had taken a picture at 4am when we finished, the light would be perfectly balanced. Merry Xmas y’all!

Up late knitting and wrapping – it must be Xmas eve…

Wisconsin cheese pride

Cookies and knitting and the open road. Pittsburgh here we come!

Cleaning out the fridge/how old are these beets, anyway?

Thx @BrianLehrer for taking 2014 prediction for #FreeCooper Union! WrkngGrpRpt:… Freesince1859:

The moon is always so much smaller inside my camera than in my eye.

Winter wonderland!

I looks down halfway into my commute and realized I am not wearing the skirt I thought I put on. #dressedinthedark

SUPER glad someone wrote this piece. 10 Reasons To Date a Woman Who Rides a #Motorcycle… ask @mikegrundy – ALL TRUE.

I entered To Win winter gloves from Aerostich –… you could too. you know, safety. and extra entries if you tweet.

While snowed in we made sourdough bread! It’s not as lofty as I’d like but awesome for our first try.

just ‘splained to @mikegrundy why the drawdio ( is so AMAZING – because PICTURE PAGES!

“Come downstairs and I will entertain you with my whale analogies.” #marriage to @mikegrundy