Monthly Archives: March 2014

Tonight @mikegrundy and I managed to kitty burrito Ella Olga Babygoat Torturekitty Murderclaws and trim 2 of her 20 nails. #winning

Whoa, this calculator for basic caloric expenditures is kind of amazing. Probably easier to do w a fitbit or similar.…

Thanks Mary, Kathy, Jennifer, Jeff C, Darlene, Judy, Judi, and Ida! @aerostichdesigns so excited about new suit.

Ready! For! Adventure! Kamen Rider! Gokaiger! I choose you!

Trying out my new @AerostichDesign roadcrafter on my pretend motorcycle!

These mittens are AMAZEBALLS, people. (Also hoping they will coerce warmer weather.)…

Fourteen, rifling through my glovebox and pulling out a box cutter and my multitool: “how many weapons do you NEED?” #justtoolsIswear

This cat. She likes to sleep right on my kneecaps.

New! Custom! Roadcrafter! arrived! And I can’t try it on BC the pads are too stiff fm being outside in cold all day.

REALLY good advice, and something I struggle with – Your Personal Pitch: 3 Tips for Answering “What do you do?”…

Is my hair more “now and forever at the winter garden theater” or “I choose you!” today?

email: “Your time was 30:48 with a pace of 9:56” thanks magical 5K timing things! and also dude I paced myself by up nasty hill mid-course.

Amazing martial arts (several of them!) workshop at Hoshin Academy yesterday and a 5K today. #jocklife #owmylegs

totally ordered this adorbs watch for work anniversary gift. Engraved with “5 years, peaches!”… #corporateamerica

“If you can’t find any women who fit into your company culture, have you considered your company culture might suck?”…

Met Jackie Robinson today at the elementary school living museum.

Seriously she wants to be as close to the harmonica as she can get. Crazy sweet Ella Olga Babygoat Torturek…

Here is something incredible. Ella the cat loves harmonica music.

I brought donuts to the construction meeting today and I wasn’t the only one #fourdozendonutday