Monthly Archives: July 2015

Drive in date night with foot long hot dogs. #romance

Bad news, sports fans who prefer shoes with minimal support.…

Just ran 2 miles in 17:48, which means I just ran my first sub-9 minute mile! Twice! In a row! So excite!

Love. I’m exactly as healthy now at “normal wt” as I was 30 lbs heavier. Fitness/health isn’t one size fits.…

Meanwhile, back at the ranch….

This incredible ramen is brought to me by @libskim and this thing she posted coupla weeks ago

final count: 7,800 jumping jacks. I have blisters on my pinky toes and bruises under my sports bra. Amazing quidditch game. @NerdFitness

So long story, but I’m playing this ridic/awesome game of “fitness quidditch” and I just finished 2201 jumping jacks for today. @NerdFitness

That time you needed 50 cal to hit a fitbit adj so you went up and down the stairs 7x and hulahooped for 5 min to see what would happen.

I wouldn’t call myself an introvert but this piece is causing me to totally rethink how I use social media.…

Someone’s got the right to do list for Sun. PM. Me, I’m procrastinating on a run AND canning jam + pickles.