Monthly Archives: October 2014

Zombie cop Eleven. @mikegrundy pulled out the makeup big guns this year!

New glasses to fit new haircut. “Make me look like an architect, not a engineer,” I said. “Or Buzz Aldrin.”

Like, for real. This is what it’s like. 10 Hours of Walking in NYC as a Woman:

YOU GUYS I wish I’d told you to meet me at the maximum the hormone show because I’m here right now and I think you’d really like it.

So apparently selfies/portraits while the band is playing is a thing now. @LastCons @mikegrundy

1AM and the @LastCons are rocking out. @mikegrundy @NickB67 #besties

Morning kitty. She doesn’t care that I was planning to go to the gym.

Confession: Spent my gym time todayworking out how to leverage NYC Ebola fears to make that one lady stop hocking loogies in the showers.

Freaking big deal/so annoyed it may be buried on fb because of stupid NYC Ebola. RT @CaseyG: #HONY @FreeCooperUnion…

Famy portrait/kitty as neck beard.

* Happening right now at the Albany Marriott. * @LastCons @mikegrundy

Fanciest Last Conspirators show yet. @LastCons @mikegrundy @NickB67

Anita Sarkeesian on GamerGate |… “this little boy…said, “Hi, I’m a feminist …

One of those days when I guess I’ll just have to be an hour late to work and leave an hour early.

After fraught 2 hrs I’m forgiven for leaving Ella this wkend. Or it’s too cold in the house to hold grudges.

Had to put sunblock on my head!

Hair off. Now Sarah and I are buzz cut buddies.


So this is happening right now.