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just got a call from my buddy at keeler honda.

the new civic’s are HOT CARS and they drive great and look great and have a cool dash and great brakes and mine will be coming in the next 4 to 8 weeks BUT….

they’re only in CVT.


it’s decision time: do I want a manual car (Insight, 2 seater but would bet 60+ mpg) or a 4-door civic hybrid that gets 50/50 mpg? heck.

hee. long time. and THESIS!

as a good friend gently pointed out maybe there are readers, and maybe they’re disappointed to only hear of my trials and not my tribulations. so here’s a good one:

I FINALLY finished my THESIS! yay!

I emailed that baby off Monday morning BRIGHT AND EARLY. All 105 pages of it, plus 10 pages of incidentals (table of contents, acknowledgements, etc).

as one may recall, I sort of non-finished my thesis at the beginning of February, and it went through an exceptionally long review process. I hung out for a month “getting a job” and lovin’ the internets, until I did accidentally become employed and then I cleared out.

I got comments on my thesis in June. Like, mid June. Unfortunately, that was when I suddenly realized what my job was and I had to really start working hard at work to catch up while staying caught up. And also, that was the sad heart problem time, and then it was work hard for real time, and then it was vacation time… things stringed together and suddenly it was last weekend and I was super stressed out and I just HAD to get it done.

Luckily, Saturday Matt played in a futbolito tournament after a late night out and came over to my house to sleep for 15 hours straight. So I had plenty of time to dig in and do that last 4 hours of formatting. And monday I emailed it off and I am SO GLAD to get that out of my hair. One of three overwhelming items to address, checked off the list. The only two left are:

1. Get organized at work and
2. Study for PE exam.

And because I have the best beau ever, he was sweet and organized a whole evening of celebration with me! dinner out at an italian place with a nice bottle of chianti, then home for italian pastries and champagne. It was wonderful to celebrate with a real live honest to goodness date. so, yeah: as stressed and busy and hard working and frustrated I am, this week? is turning out GOOD. yay.

(Will try to get those crabby pics up online. )

August 2005 Books

5 for this month:

55. The Blank Wall by Elizabeth Sankay Holding
56. The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down by Anne Fadiman
57. The Devil Wears Prada by Lauren Weisberger
58. Ex Libris: Confessions of a Common Reader
59. The Time Travelers Wife by Audry Niffenegger

went to the beach. doesn’t seem like a lot of light reading, I think I didn’t make wise choices this month.

aaah, vacation. the ranty part.

I had a really marvelous time on vacation. even though I had to stay until freakin MIDNIGHT on the friday before finishing up things before I could go. boy howdy, that wasn’t cool. and then I got back and all the things I thought would get done while I was gone? not done. and also, a client was upset. and also, it was all my fault b/c I was working too hard on everything else and this one client (naturally) felt like I wasn’t helping them enough.

y’all may not know this about me, but I have a tendency to beat myself up. big time. I am not nice to myself about stuff sometimes, and when I’m disappointed I blub. I’ve been doing a great job holding it together at work despite the internal review to avoid this situation again and to develop an action plan to prevent another big screw up. My boss told me I need to learn to say NO when I’m overloaded. um. I may have to rethink my codependent-as-consultant analogy. it didn’t work out.

I’ll post later today, hopefully, with some real fun details and also pictures of crap demolition, and the mighty wayne-van in action. I’m not so blue anymore, because the specter of immediate wrath and disappointment from upper management has pretty much blown over. hopefully.


so, want to know what’s NOT COOL?

me being at work at 7PM, when I should be an hour and a half away from friends in Delaware. YUCK. Today has been so primo busy, and I’ve got another hour or so ahead of me and I just want to cry but that would make me work slower…

just repeat after me… BEACH BEACH BEACH BEACH BEACH…

I guess we’ll get on the road tomorrow. Sad.

oh sweet jeebus.

I can’t jump up and say this to the people who are talking behind my cubicle, because I am EAVESDROPPING. but:

stop bitching about public transit! it’s the best thing ever, especially getting into and getting around NYC! it’s cheap, it’s fast, it’s usually quite convenient. I would LOVE to be able to take a train to work! LOVE to have time to read, or knit, or whatever! LOVE to not get frustrated at tailgating, to not use up oil, to not leave a nasty vapor trail of potential carcinogens behind me as I zoom!

1. I don’t care if you think subways are FILTHY. stop being such a priss! You know what’s filthy? your lungs after breathing CAR SMOG all your life.
2. I don’t know WHY you think it’s hard to go from NJTransit in Penn Station to anywhere else in midtown. I hear you talking about your options like they’re awful, but really, are the choices of bus, subway, walking (gasp!) or cab just too wonderful and plentious that you can’t choose?
3. I am SO SURE you’re not that important that waiting for a train is going to kill you . Seriously. No, REALLY. you are NOT THAT IMPORTANT! if you were, someone would be providing a CAR with a DRIVER to take places!

you know what bugs ME? sure, maybe I get a tiny big squicked out when I hold onto a railing on the subway that is warm from someone else’s hand, but really what bugs me are smug suburbanites in big cars with matching unexercised legs and lungs bitching about public transportation. you are the people who tailgate me when I’m on my bike because you don’t know how big your car is and you’re afraid to pass. you are the people who buy giant SUVs and pickups because you might need them for 2 weeks a year when you’re on vacation with your whole family. You are the people who require a 2500 sq. ft. house for a family of 4ish. KNOCK IT OFF! you have NO IDEA how good you have it!

and why are you in such a flippin’ hurry, anyway?

snerk. it’s a good thing I didn’t poke my head out of my cube and butt in, b/c I just checked the log and one of the PThaters is a client from a Major Automobile Company. For all I know, she loves public transportation, and gets a bonus every time she slams it!

LAST weekend.

Cilantros strikes again: the fabulous Michelle and beau Koray came for a visit last weekend, and we went out carousing on saturday night.

we had an excellent time:

michelle and koray
michelle and koray

delia and colum (who’s name I am probably totally destroying)
colum and delia

cuz john and kelly
kelly and john selfphoto

matt and I
matt kari!

and even a special guest appearance by paul!

afterwards we shared a cab downtown
michelle and koray

and matt and I path-ed it back to JC.
world trade center platform

siamese path connection

matt hearts kari hearts matt

Going! To! The! Beach!

It’s been a crazy hectic week here in jobby job land, wherein I’ve worked 2-14 hour days, a 12 hour day, and another 10ish hour day. Today I’m shooting for 8 1/2 because I ABSOLUTELY am going to be on vacation at 5PM tonight.

we are going to the beach! with the wild ponies! and lots of good friends! and sun! and potential-hurricane Irene! and my friends! and my family!

I can’t WAIT. I’ve been working so incredibly hard for the last few weeks, and it’ll be good to just kick back and relax and SLEEP. oh, sweet sleep. I have really truely missed you.

randomness at work.

if I am drinking several cups of coffee a day, but they’re all 1/2 coffee, 1/2 milk, can I count that as my daily calcium?

and also, if everyone in the ladies room at work uses the seat covers except for me, the seats are really clean, hey? It’s nice of them to protect the seat from their dirty butts. Thank you ladies!


work is not going well. I feel like my carefully constructed house of cards is tumbling about my ears. I am primo busy, plus I’m heading out to assateague for vacation next week. so I’m at least doubly busy. at least.

anyway, I have a couple of entries in the works, including CSA wk 8, my very fun weekend, and some shots of canoeing the weekend before.

but for now, a couple of pics:

when I was filling the van up on sat. PM a giant green bug flew torwards the windsheld and landed! I had no idea that praying mantis’s could fly. I took some marginally bad photos.

praying mantis! mantis on van
mantis on van mantis on van

and also, I have a rash and here it is. I THINK it must be poison ivy but heck if I know where it came from! The only thing I can think of is that there was some on my work boots and when I tied them last thursday it got me. BUT, I think I had it before then? like, from the weekend before? maybe I got it when we went to lebanon PA for mohammad’s bday.

rash2 rash1

Mother of Pearl!

Sweet Holy Kittens, but I am so wretchedly busy. I am seriously cracking, like, my hair is bushing out from the sheer electrical energy leaving my skull. I keep sticking pencils into my coiffure and it’s getting pricklier and pricklier, like a porcupine head. I’m so busy with so many different jobs and I’m not sure if it’s because I’m hopelessly overwhelmed or if I have been seriously dropping balls over here.

And to add to the fun, I’m heading down to my PE review course today. It’s just a pesky hour+ drive, you know, except for that whole crappy NJ traffic thing. I can’t wait until we move to our new office and 1. I can’t get sucked into stressful reports in person (can deal with that stuff remotely no problem) and 2. only have a 10 min. drive to the review course (until mid-October, when I take and really truely hopefully pass the PE).

Heck. All I want to do is stay at home, watch Brigett Bardot filmes, eat guacamole, drink mojitos, and read Harry Potter.