Monthly Archives: October 2015

Taking a ride with abstract art.

Soooooo David Bowie for Halloween, right?…

That time I read all the nurse cherry Ames books fm Rutherford NJ library and now Vermont country store republishes!

“You’re picking your nose! At the table! I’m right here! Am I a ghost?! Can you see me even?!” *Waves hands in front of face* #familydinner

Female violinist exposes 10 yrs of lewd, fetishizing messages fm men online (oh God, to be a woman on the internet)

Oh Ella Olga Babygoat Torturekitty Murderclaws I knew you really loved me.

Meep has a kitten cold w sneezing/a runny eye/only happy in lap. Already worried to leave her for work tomorrow.

Whoa so I signed up for @lennyletter and today Gloria Steinem describes exactly what I do when I cry at work BECAUSE I AM ANGRY. plotz.

Tip Grundzilla family photo!

Twitter, I miss you. THATSAID, anyone have an iPhone app recc that can accommodate lists and easy tweeting?i want to be here more.

super excited that I’ve managed to fix my iPhone battery so well that after 20 hours of unplugged/use it’s still at 100%. #IGotYourGeniusBar

bc I know y’all are dying to know, I took Sparky iPhone apart and put in a new battery (WIN!)…and now I’m stuck in a boot loop. (MOARFIX)

today is the day I put a new battery into my totes dead iPhone that I somehow neglected to back up for months. Argh. PS I got no phone, FYI.