Monthly Archives: August 2013

Milking time at freedom hill farm!

Montgomery tractor parade

Oh geez, do you think people are waving BC of my hair, and not my running athleticism?

The best part of the run today was finishing. 2nd best was dude in sedan blasting kelly clarkson.

Got all dressed up for my run and then: laid down and treated some more. Maybe I’ll go after work. Maybe today is a rest day.

Remediation site finds: rock or severed toe? #jerseystrong

Just in: swamp is filling back up! After endless calls to engineers and NYSDEC, dam plugged by owner. YAY.

I’ve run 4x in 2 weeks, which is twice as much as I’ve run in the last 2 months. #keepitup

Just heard 14 placed at his tractor pull! Super glad Team Tip Grundzilla beat the popped tire odds+made it home last night so he could go.

Ew. Things ten year olds leave on your coffee table. Thx RoboFlake!

Just wowed the car w my amazing diagnostic skills when we stopped to confirm the new tire is riding ok: I sniffed it for burny smells.

New wheel! Now we have a spare.

Trailer tire blow out. Sigh.

Side effect from knitting on the beach: sandy knitting.

After 1st 2 rainy days we had a too-short week at beach. Pony punks in full force, sunny+hot as we leave.

That time we got rained out and brought the kids to a brewery for snacks and wetness respite.

Assateague Island I am in you!

If a lady is driving this car, which she was: does she run over dudes? Is she a WINDOWmaker? Recklessdriver?

You know if I wasn’t so worried about the kids drowning I could read air more on the beach.