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Here is my bouffant. you know, it just does this all by itself. I was definately born in the wrong era.

digicam 739

Dear KarinaJean Dot Com

Dear KarinaJean Dot Com,

I realize you might think that I don’t love you any more. it’s not true! I *have* been super busy with my other project. And I have been very busy at work, because one of my coworkers has been out on maternity leave for 3 months leaving me working at 150% instead of just 125 or 110% (luckily my other project work dropped off a little just after she went out). But these are just ugly excuses, and what you want is actual content.
So in the last two months there have been hijinks and 25 books read. I’ve shopped for sewing machines and I’ve avoided doing my dishes with embarassing and slightly gruesome results. I’ve tried to trick myself into being clean by having a cocktail party, but I’ve only just finished cleaning up after the cocktail party. I’ve avoided running very successfully. I’ve been to montreal on business, but not actually To Montreal, but to a suburb which is surprisingly like the French Seacaucus. I’ve bouffanted my hair while wearing a bridesmaid dress in a dive bar. I made a pineapple ring cake in the swashbuckling style of my ancestors the german bakers (not like that) and I’ve won best costume at a mardi gras party. I’ve had dim sum two times. I have eaten too many cheese and cracker dinners. It’s been a pretty good couple of months.

I’ll try to tell you all about it in backdated posts. Check back, friends, to see what might be below this one as you scroll.



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That day that Fiona turned One officially if not really and physically.

When Fiona turned one she was like freddy kruger. all her skin melted off. Gruesome.
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and also she was severely cake drunk.

digicam 701I love this ultra surreal photo of Daniel eating

digicam 693And Murphy is a Very Very Good Dog.

digicam 713

angelic, even. digicam 671

At the Pinewood Derby

digicam 654 digicam 655

With my boys. Daniel won 13th place. It was V. Exciting.