Monthly Archives: February 2014

Current look: friends in NYC/architects love my style but my NJ engineering colleagues are bemused by my weirdness.

New! Car!

BRILLIANT photos of men jumping over slush puddles in NYC a couple of weeks ago. Bill Cunningham | Whiteout

It took sone effort, but Ella finally got the best of her traitorous rear leg.

Insurance buying my totaled car. Stressing: buy $1-2K 90s civic / $6-7K TDI VW / $4K xB? Need a 2-5 year car until fleet mileage improves.

Kitties love you when they sit on your shoulder, right? Or is it just a pirate/parrot thing?

“@TIME: Hot Pockets removed from shelves for containing “diseased and unsound animals”

I’m giving myself permission to be a total grouch about the weather for TODAY ONLY. after that my sunny disposition will MELT ALL THIS JUNK.

Hey fitness ladies – check this out! disordered eating is so easy to fall into. Be safe! The Female Athlete Triad:…

It’s sourdough flapjack time!

“RT @SlateVault: Chart of organization suffrage marchers, DC, 1913 via @GhostsofDC #maps”

Best thing about shoveling at 4AM is no more shoveling today. Secret challenge: find the mailbox!

Poor little car: noser into a guard rail today / had her bumper bumped off. she STILL got me home. #bestcar

Up stupid early so I can shovel so I can go to training in Albany in a giant snowstorm bc I need the PDHs for my PE by end of March. Sigh.

Why patriarchy fears the scissors: for women, short hair is a political statement… LOVE, even as I consider going long

That snow day that Tip Grundzilla accidentally made an adorabs Macintosh commercial.

Luna of Cairo by Luna and Leela Corman – bellydancing in Cairo, post/during revolution: amazing!…

Wait, it’s -10defF out? THAT was unexpected.

Skipping tkd so this guy can finish homework – including a startlingly real first person WW1 account.

First she’s got to make some biscuits, then she might submit for some chin scratches. #purrcity