Monthly Archives: April 2015

It’s an extra bad case of the Mondays when your kid can’t find his shoes because they’re in a car parked 5 miles away at a train station.

Flight delayed leaving PDX and they brought out snacks. Portland really IS the nicest place.

This is just… I can’t even. If you love me or Cooper Union pls read this, bc things keep getting real.…

Thug life Portland

Choose love.


One of my internet girlfriends! Love her, her strength, and her perseverance.…

Happy birthday to me! I either 38 or 120. OR BOTH.

First ride of the season brought me to work today. If it has to be Monday, this is the best way.

Baking in exile.

“@FreeCooperUnion: A GOOD DAY TO HAVE COOPER UNION TATTOOED ON YOUR CHEST. (Couldn’t 💘 @essl more.)”

Double wow. Just. WOW.…


Ella dashed off late last night and I was beside myself ’til she turned up tonight. Welcome home kitten.

Hey who’s got two thumbs and the @LastCons practicing on her living room? THIS GIRL!

Today is 3 weeks of the bathroom project. We have walls and a ceiling. Maybe 2 more weeks?