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woke up feeling a little wobbly and I'm due for a job site visit today 2 hours away… hope leftover ravioli does the trick. #dizzybroad # Just learned that you do not have to be an elected member of congress … Continue reading

That time we made the boys wear ties


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We got all dressed up for my cousin Sara’s wedding. It was the first time the boys met my whole paternal extended family and we looked pretty sharp, if I do say so. I asked my dad to snap this photo before we went in to the wedding for a minimum of rumple-ability.

now that we have such sets of dress clothes for the boys – purchased at some economic premium and at very last minute – I am brainstorming for ways we can dress up more over the summer. they will be tortured, but we will look SO GOOD.

So it occurs to me that if I'm so stressed out by not reading twitter that I don't tweet, I really need to reconsider the list of "follows@ # “@JessicaValenti: Wish stats on gender/domestic work accts for mental labor. It's … Continue reading

This is your prize for leaving NJ.

I woke up this morning and blew off my run, and the universe rewarded my laziness with a blazing thunderstorm. Clearly the wrong traits are being reinforced.

I also felt just like I was back in Pittsburgh. After I closed every single window in the house I laid back down and listened to the rain and the booms and thought about that summer as I finished my masters, and how storms would blow through town every morning and every afternoon. Squished up on the western edge if the Alleghenies, PGH gets ALL the rain as the clouds push on over the mountain tips.

This was my lovely treat as I drive home tonight. After a day of violent thunderstorms, it was a super nice way to leave the state and head home.


The pano is a tiny bit like a stereogram – I didn’t line up the bits as well as I could have – but then, I WAS pulled off on the shoulder of the highway where I’ve been attempted-killed before.

we went hiking yesterday with the boys…


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Found this heart on the trail. aw! perfect for father’s day. even tough guy Thirteen took a photo of it when we wandered past. d’awwww…

All about the time I almost ate a centipede. # Powered by Twitter Tools

This beastie tried to climb into my mouth and hang out with me.



Seriously, it was in my teacup (unbeknownst to me!) and the it was IN MY MOUTH. At least it was dead. I guess.




So 70% rain means 30% no rain, right? (looking fwd to a wet rise home, I guess.) # Powered by Twitter Tools

At the demoralizing just-back-to-workin-out place where you immediately gain 2lbs. Possibly all lactic acid weight, I'm sure. # Powered by Twitter Tools

Totally over did it this weekend: running 2x after a month of nothing and then a brutal 2 hrs battling the 4' tall grass in our yard. # Powered by Twitter Tools

It’s all blueberries and fountain pens.

This week I’m still getting my feet under me after our amazing and as yet recapped motorcycle vacation. All I want to do us eat blueberries.

After vacation we did a weekend whirlwind trip to SC for my sweet cousin Sara’s wedding and all the road food took its toll – besides the salt bloat, there was a serious lack of greenery on our plates lately. Mike joked that he heard his cells sigh in relief after having a salad this week as they were hit with missing vitamins and nutrients. As for me, I’m devouring blueberries. It’s blueberry season and they’re practically local – grown nearby in southern NJ. And they are SO delicious.

And the fountain pens? Well. It turns out I have so many that I’ve been surprised by what’s in my bag this week. Oops. Better enjoy them all and stop pen shopping.