Daily Archives: 5/20/2005


I’ve gone to the gym 3 times this week — wednesday was my trainer/get to know you option, and then I went last night and tonight. With my membership I got a real live trainer session where they set me up with a routine, and talked to me about strengthening my bad knee! So last night when I got there I pulled my card and followed the directions for the upper body. This morning I wanted to try out the whole “going to the gym in the morning” thing, and I did my lower body. And I have a few observations:

* elliptical trainers are freakin’ hard! yo, people who do them (like kelly!) you are seriously punk rock. I can do them slowly for 15 minutes no problem, but if I go any faster I don’t know how long I could go for, maybe only 10 min. WOW.

* my abs are seriously out of shape. I don’t know how I’ve avoided back injury! and today, after 3 days of doing crunches, they are TIGHT. like, I find myself hunching over so I don’t stretch them out. That’s no way to live!
(because I’m a gym dork, here’s what I’m crunching: straight crunches, 15 slow and 10 fast. on either side, 15 slow and 10 fast. On a ball: 15. Which means I’m doing, no kidding, 65 crunches, which makes me feel POWERFUL. and also, in agonizing pain!)

But all in all, I feel really really good working out. Like, all tough and junk. That’s a good feeling, totally. Very very good. And the gym is so great, very supportive, and I love seeing lots of normal everyday-type women working out and having a good time and chatting and being healthy. I love it!