Daily Archives: 5/9/2005

mothers day

Because I’m the best daughter in the world, when my mom offered to do hard, manual labor day I accepted. Because mother’s day is all about doing what MOM wants, no?

I took the train up to albany on friday night and had a nice denny’s breakfast with dad+co. I wish sometimes I could order off of the senior menu, because some of the regular breakfasts are just too freakin’ big. I have really hard time with a 3 egg omelete! 2 eggs are plenty for me, thanks very much, esp. when accompanied by THREE MEATS.

Then mom arrived at my stepsisters house and we (with my brawny brother’s help and my adorable nephew’s support) loaded her old couch into mom’s truck, then tucked it in with my great-grampa’s table, strapped everything down, and took off for NJ. The mister met us there and we unloaded the couch which fits PERFECTLY where I wanted it to, yay! Mom is the first person other than the mister/his roommates/our friends who found the place to see the apartment. It’s a good one, really. when I’m done painting and unpacking, I’ll take pictures or something. We had a lovely dinner at a local greek resturant, and then we passed out just after 9PM. The next morning we braved the mothers day rush at the diner, and then she headed off down the road home.

It was really fun to spend so much time with her — it’s been a long time since we were able to. It’s always fun to show people something that is so new and exciting to me, and my new town and new apartment are definately still very new and exciting. Even though she couldn’t offer an objective opinion on my blue paint options, I’m very glad she came. And very glad she helped me! Yay Mom!

hard work!

yesterday I painted for 10 hours straight. When I woke up I was actually surprised that my shoulder hurt so badly — I don’t know why, but I thought it would be much less painful. Yeouch! I painted my kitchen a pale pale pink, and it’s beautiful and bright now instead of dingy and dull. And I put the first coat of white over my gunmetal grey trim and painted the walls of the living room a beautiful peacock blue (it’s a behr color, if you want to look it up), which is a strong clear blue color. I love it. it’s going to look so fantastic.

the difficulty, of course because there is one, is that I have faux recessed walls in the living room which basically means there’s 3x the trim of a normal house. And the trim has been painted over a zillion times, so I’m pretty worried about my ability to have a strong straight line on the edges. I started painting around 2 PM and I did the 1st coat on the trim in 3 hours, and then it only took 1 1/2 hours or so to do the kitchen (because I’m not repainting the trim), and then it took me the next 5 hours to do edging and the walls in the living room. And I have to do another coat! it’s terrible. But if I’m good, it’ll take 2 more days of hard applied labor: one more marathon stint for the 2nd coat of the blue, and another evening for the trim. I can’t WAIT to be done so I can really unpack — my deadline is this week. my informal deadline, of course.