Monthly Archives: July 2016

For a million reasons and this is just one, genuinely and enthusiastically #imwithher

That time you spent all morning worrying why your wrist and elbow hurt until you remembered all the sword practice the day before.

The subtext of Bill Clinton’s speech: women have always done the invisible, thankless work – Vox…

Picked up some happy campers today and celebrated their awesome week w some awesome hot dogs. These guys!

Home a tiny bit early so I can help this kitters relax a little.

Pokewalk picnic

ZOMG, Pokemon GO in NYC is WAY different than Montgomery or Upper Saddle River.

Good morning, Wisconsin!

Good morning, Minnesota! / great river bluffs state park

Found a quarry / pipestone national monument

Badlands in a thunderstorm! We bring the experience on Tip Grundzilla Tours!


Gotcher Black Hills right here!

When you’re doing some tkd before everyone gets up + a bunny comes over + then a train + a deer now? Ok, camera.

Up a little early, listening to the sounds of prairie birds while all the dudes get a little more sleep.

Found a campsite on the edge (hopefully!) of this amazing band of thunderstorms for the night. Tomorrow: SD!

Double rainbow on our way back east! Magical trip with magical family.

Typical road stop 5 days in. Jiminy.

Five stars / would recommend

I get what you’re trying to do, Laramie, but this doesn’t look safe at all.