Monthly Archives: December 2007

on resolutions.

I tried so hard to make good, solid, achievable resolutions last year. I think I did, actually, but the problem lies in how I immediately forgot about said resolutions after making them. oops! let’s see how I did:
financial goals

  1. read your money or your life and implement important $ strategies
  2. keep track of all $ spent for month of january
  3. catch up and keep checkbook balanced

achieved: none. well, I did buy quicken. that’s something.
crafty goals

  1. finish corn baby stat
  2. knit a sweater
  3. use up skirt fabrics – I’ve got material for at least 6 more skirts, so get to it!
  4. really commit to buy vs. make – repurpose clothes rather than buy new ones
  5. use up CSA foods more efficiently

achieved: some, sort of. I did really good on my CSA for the first 2 months, and then a lot of veggies went to waste. In my defense, I will say that the CSA was HUGE and I was really busy at work and lacking time and motivation to cook when I got home. I sewed 2 skirts and a shirt, but that was basically it. on the other hand, the only thing I bought new this year was some underpants, a bathing suit, and some athletic apparel – so that’s something, at least! I haven’t finished the corn baby (BAD ME) and I haven’t knit a sweater.
other goals

  1. read 100 books again
  2. inventory and sell off MK stock

achieved: one.  I read over 100 books (final count  102). the MK stock, on the other hand, is living fruitlessly in my closet. I am going to give it all away.

Year in Review.

I have been so awfully busy lately. If not with work, than with my other project. and if not with my other project, than with my social life. So I’ve been neglecting karinajean dot com, and I’m kind of bummed about it. I have plans for photo-taking and blog-posting in the new year, though, so I hope to keep it a little more up to date.

I’m working this week and though i’ve always said this is my favorite week to work because no one is around, I actually did a whole-lotta-work this time around. Of course, I took Monday off so it was a three-day work-week. but these have been some busy busy three days.

Here is my annual Year In Review!

January: kicked off the new years with the polar bear plunge. dan aaron, daniel, and meredith come down for an awesome weekend full of museums, walks across bridges, and plans for motorcycle gangs. michelle’s mother passes away after a long and hard-fought battle with the cancer. I sew a new skirt.

February: cousin john’s mom passes away after a long and hard-fought battle with the cancer. I start having more regular girl time dates, and it is wonderful. mardi gras party in pgh: the crystal ball, v. hard to get to b/c all major roads through pennsylvania were closed because of ice or flaming tractor trailer accidents. I work v. hard on picatinny. between business and pleasure I put 1200 miles on my car in 5 days. my niece fiona is born. I get the strep throat.

March: awesome trip to the mutter museum in philly with coworkers, followed by hanging out, dance party, and arm-wrestling. pre-birthday party with my family in albany. then I go to japan! it’s beautiful!

April: in japan still! then home, and big flirty 30 birthday party at the local american legion hall. I get in trouble for painting my apartment. crafty weekend with the girls in the catskills. founders day dinner “dance” with cooper alum, for which I sewed a whole new skirt and shirt combo.

May: ryan’s birthday party, featuring bonfires. maggie gets a chihuahua. I get my wonder wash. I got new worms and killed them almost immediately.

June: first 5K of the season. CSA starts. things get really stressful at work. I train for a 10K. dan aaron graduates from electrician school and I surprise him at the bar afterwards. I run a 5-mile run. I am put on warning on the big project I work on. eep.

July: 10K goes awesomely! I get new worms. CSA continues. lots of rock concerts. lots of birthday parties, including daniel’s in albany. I attend the funeral of a kid I knew in college. couples camping weekend in eastern PA with michelle, aurora, and jesse. I sing the national anthem for my friend’s dad’s retirement. we launch tiny choices!

August: I run another 5K in grafton. I go to the beach 2x. I work incredibly incredibly hard, but am still demoted on that BigProject. September: another 5K. michelle’s first 30th birthday party. 10K in pittsburgh. I totally rock that 10K, by the way. seriously. I finished in 1 hr 2 min.!

October: grasshopper tacos! I am awfully stressed at work. cooper union casino night. I testdrive wearing fabulous hats out in public. this is what I’m talking about re: hats and grasshoppers:

digicam 545 do not... want?

November: office move is a disaster and a time sink, as per expectations. crafty weekend in the catskills. michelle’s second 30th birthday party. work still stinks, thanksgiving in GA.

December: I am officially removed from that BigProject. three office holiday parties. Another holiday party where I reconnect with an old friend and potentially start a band. pittsburgh for holiday party, then we hit queens holiday party on the way home. I get a gocco! xmas in albany is kind of rock-awesome. here are some photos from xmas eve:

daniel and I ryan in a catbed. digicam 023