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This is my glamorous travel methodology

It turns out that when you’ve got a cool. 6 1/2 hours ahead of you and a TV in the seat in front if you, you can get a lot of knitting done.


Cast on for @mikegrundy's octopus mittens and despite using heavier wt yarn I still had to go down 2 needle sizes! # Today we ate all of the saddening greens from the crisper. #sodelicious # aaah now I … Continue reading

Blocking a shawl that was meant as gramma's xmas gift and is now perfect for valentines day. (don't tell her, y'all!) # whoa. Hey @mikegrundy she is just a little older than you! #goodgenes “@doorsixteen: Um. Callista Gingrich was … Continue reading

Past Cooper Logos/Identities/Letterheads

Cooper UnionCooper Logo 1959PC Profile Logo Annual Report_1894PC Profile Logo 1950sCooper Union Script LogoCecere
culogoMedal 1909 Line DrawingLogocooper_idPeter Cooper on Graduation Program 1982embossed Peter Cooper seal on diploma 1982
Cooper Union LogoCooper Union Logo

I just got a really nice complement – everyone can *hear me* when I speak, no matter their age, gender, and intent. wow! # Powered by Twitter Tools

We went ice skating, peaches! # I'm so excited: I've got a bad case of turquoise-projects-in-progress-since-circa-2004 finishitis! # Powered by Twitter Tools

That moment when you realize your underpants and leggings are not cooperating and you have to choose between them. # Powered by Twitter Tools

I painted my nails tonight but @mikegrundy isn't here to say if they're too garish. Can I leave the house like this? # Powered by Twitter Tools

That time we had to explain to Twelve that when we call motorcyclists jerks its bc we are so so very jealous they are out riding. #uglytruth # Powered by Twitter Tools

Getting our new natural gas furnace tomorrow, and I think we JUST NOW ran out of fuel oil. This is a good thing – less to dispose! No waste! # Yes, heat out. Props to @mikegrundy who is practicing his … Continue reading

This is the most direct bathroom ever. I guess it had to be said. # After 15 years wearing rigid gas permeable contacts, I'm back on soft lenses. Day 2: these are so COMPLICATED! fussy! I miss easy care … Continue reading

Great hike w @mikegrundy up the shawangunk ridge trail! # I highly recommend this cookbook. We are on recipe 3 and so far all have been phenomenal! # India cookbook! Yellow split peas with spinach. So amazing and … Continue reading

And! I'm out the door to work, a mere 15 min late. Not bad for home at 1:45, up at 7. #freecooper is so worth it! Last night was amazing. # Powered by Twitter Tools

getting set up for #freecooper session! still mingling and milling around. google+ invites out now – if you weren't on the list let me know! # we are just getting started on the first session. google hangout is giving us … Continue reading

So THAT’S what a titled frame is worth?

I just didn’t know they were worth so much.

And really, what MIGHT be a back wheel?


Suzuki 550

“1978.. It ran fine last year but now the key is missing.”



Everything about this ad screams “NOT MINE.”

Seriously – is this photo taken over the neighbors fence? Because this ad does not fill me with confidence that it’s being sold by the legal owner.

“i have a good running bike that needs a little tlc one rear signal light needs put on missing 4 little round cam covers just cosmetic also needs carbs cleaned as its hard starting but runs great once running second gear slips out needs sincro adjusted also could use a fresh battery it will take a jump start but wont start bike with out chargeing it first im not stupid if i do the work i can get 1500 but i need money now so the first person to come up with $500.00 gets the bike with clean title”

1978 Suzuki GS550

I’m starting a new thing. I keep doing searches on craigslist for old motorcycles to rebuild, and seriously, some of these are super priceless.

For example, this one:

The bike is clean only thing is passenger mirror is broken cause it fell over while sitting. I know I have a title somewhere but can’t seem to find it. It ran fine but I took the carbs off to rebuild and I haven’t even tried to get them back on. I was gonna chop it up to use for a go kart but I’m sick of looking at it please get this thing out of my driveway. I didn’t take a pic so just look one up

This is the best place ever to overnight on the way to northwest Ohio. 5 stars, easy. #pittsburgh # Powered by Twitter Tools