Daily Archives: 5/16/2005

office space

so I just mapquested the new office vs the current office and apparently, new office is only 1 minute further away from my apt. than current office! When I said I wanted to pick a place right in the middle, well, I had no idea that I actually WOULD. NICE.

I went ahead and said I’d start working from Edison. Silver linings are:

1. there’s a food coop in new brunswick that will be convenient to me;
2. my girlfriend gabulo works in the same area, maybe we can have lunch occasionally; and
3. it’s not any further, apparently.

Also, they gave me a laptop! so I’m mobile! I can probably come to either office when neccessary.

and now on my list of things to do: not entirely related but not UNrelated — put name on list for 2006 honda civic hybrid. It’s not out yet, but heck. I hear that this is the last year for the sweet $2K federal rebate on purchase of a hybrid, and I don’t want to potentially miss out on that just because of limited hybrid supply! and of course, it all comes down to this: if I’m going to be driving for at least 1 hour every day I need to drive a super efficient car. mine is quite efficent, but the clutch is going and the bumper is falling off and etc. etc. I have to start really planning ahead.

In other news, I bought a digicam. So if that arrives I’ll start taking pictures. I’m bummed that I missed the dogwood flowers but maybe next year…