Monthly Archives: May 2012

“@nytimesstyle: Nepalese Pedicurists Must Overcome Aversion to Strangers’ Feet” this is an actual headline and no #savecooper coverage?! # Powered by Twitter Tools

Happy Mother's Day to our porch robin and all the other moms, stepmoms, and caring-fors out there! # Electronics clinic: I just fixed my screen and put a red one on in just 25 minutes! electronics repair supahstar!” … Continue reading

I brought Eight to his baseball game and had to borrow last years cap from him. SO SUNNY #ohaispring # Powered by Twitter Tools

We have a porch robin, and look what she did! # Our porch robin nursery. # Powered by Twitter Tools

remember that time the amazing community rallyed behind the ideals of free tuition and meritocracy? #cooperunion # Powered by Twitter Tools

Emergency Student Council mtg w faculty/alumni to discuss The Way Forward 4/30 6pm 6th fl foundation bldg – y'all come! # Powered by Twitter Tools