Monthly Archives: January 2004

A brand new spanky new year. And now! With Lists!

It’s a new year, and just like the student I am I don’t consider it beginning until the new semester begins. It’s so rewarding to have a real definite start date for a new bunch of classes and new learning – much nicer than going to work, having a day off, and coming back to the new year in the office.

I had a good winter break. I drove up to see the family and the little car made it just fine.AND, I had pleasure of finishing nearly all of their presents before Christmas day. That’s something very unusual for me, usually I’m handing out at least half of my gifts unfinished. Ok, so, I still haven’t given Kelly+Mariss their gifts, because I haven’t finished them. And I just finished Michelle’s yesterday, and started the beau’s gift this evening. But on Christmas eve I was able to give my mom her gift entirely completed. And on Christmas morning my stepsis, her hubby, my stepmom AND my nephew all opened entirely completed gifts. And my other stepsis opened a ¾ completed gift, and Poor Dad was the only one who had to open something that wasn’t even started. And even better, I finished the gifts before any significant distance was put between myself and the recipient. I whipped out the last stitches of the wrist warmers for stepsis before she left for home, and I finished the last couple of embroidery stitches on stepmom’s shirt (ok, I didn’t ENTIRELY finish hers when I wrapped it up. But mostly!), and I entirely embroidered Dad’s shirt before pulling out of town even though it required me getting up way earlier than I wanted to and working frantically until finished. The early was nothing compared to the 3 nights of 4AM crafting I put in. What was tough was how I was giving out 4 gifts in the same genre of stepmom’s, so I couldn’t work on hers while she was around.

I also realized that the holiday season is one of those seasons full of unmet expectations. Not to be morose, but I don’t know that many people who honestly look forward to the season with unchecked joy and anticipation. Not anyone over 12, anyway. It’s a time that we’re supposed to buy buy buy our way to the perfect gift, but don’t worry, it’s also about family love and it’s really the thought that counts. I love giving people things, and I love making them even if I am a grouchy crafter and I stay up until the early morning cursing and watching TLC and trying not to bleed on my home made creations, but I always feel like I’m not meeting someone’s expectations. I walk a line of trying very hard not to disappoint anyone. And I think a lot of people feel that way.

To change that mood killer, check out my nephew in his incredibly cute hat that I made for me and that fits him just perfectly:

Anyway, it’s the new year, all spanky and clean. It’s been cold here in the steel city and I do appreciate it. Probably because I haven’t been out waiting for the bus yet – we’ll see how I like it tomorrow morning when I get up and at them and on my way to school for my first class of the semester. And in the spirit of Me and the New Year, I present you with two lists:

My Crazy New Years Resolutions.

* To cuss less. I am not a sailor. I am a lady. I must remember the distinction.

* To do my homework in a more timely fashion. I mean it.

* To continue watering my plants.

* To spend more time crafting while I watch silly TV shows.

* Budget. And successfully.

* To have more dinner parties, or at least, to have more time with friends. Especially Kelly, who is so rock’n’roll she deserves her own special shout-out sans hubby. Really, you put the love in Pittsburgh, my dear.

* To read more books, and make full use of the library that’s right on campus and right next to my building for pete’s sake! Also, see number 2.

My Crazy Crafting List (in no particular order, really).

* Sew my beautiful orange glittery felt skirt.

* Sew my very elegantly beautiful woolen skirt.

* Sew my glamourous silk and tulle skirt.

* Knit the 3 hats I’ve been thinking of: swim cap ala fits me, bobble hat that may or may not give me carpal tunnel syndrome (see above), and easy peasy regular hat with the Incredibly Soft Yarn I bought online at least a year ago and don’t know what to do with yet.

* Knit me wrist warmers. I love them. And I made them for everyone else so…

* Finish my photo album and help Michelle make me a new one from the Kennedy Family record album I picked out.

* Fix my webpage. Catch up. Put up pages of our amazing transformation from hovel to home.

Sound good? Happy new year, dahlinks