Daily Archives: 5/31/2005

May 2005 Books

41. Fer de Lance by Rex Stout [audiobook]
42. Swift as Desire by Laura Esquivel [audiobook]

Only two books, both audio. I listened as I painted my apartment, if I recall correctly.

my car story

I had posted a while ago about my big boss borrowing my little car and I never followed up with the rousing conclusion.

Maybe because the conclusion, she is not so rousing.

I got into work that day and waited and waited and waited for news from the big boss. He didn’t come in until 10Am, and by that time I was sure that 1. he flaked or 2. it was canceled or 3. I had stranded him without a car by flaking on some kind of meeting that was vaguely and forgetably scheduled.

Turns out, he forgot to tell me that they cancelled the visit.

Which is really too bad, because I had removed all of my friends, and even washed all the windows:
my animals on the dash

pittsburgh moving

had a good strong weekend moving michelle’s stuff to her new apartment and cleaning out or old one.

I am SO tired of lifting boxes!
but I feel totally strong and tough, and though I was sore yesterday imagine the horror if I hadn’t been working out at the gym!

it’s sad to leave our old beautiful apartment, but enough yuck has happened recently there (like, dog poop in the front entrance way, discovering a potentially hazardous mold colony in the basement, new holes in rotton floorboards) that I’m not seriously mourning having to move on.

PLUS, now michelle and I both have new apartments, the better to explore our individual creativity in!

highlights also included:

a just ducky tour of pittsburgh, which was way more family oriented than I had thought and involved some kind of youth-oriented family reunion. But also, lots of cheesy cheesy jokes, goofy operators, and pretty pittsburgh (who stopped with the raining long enough for us to sight-see)

pgh skyline

also: hanging out while moving with strong friends and their bulging biceps,
dinner with mariss and kelly and michelle and koray,
busting in on a bbq, returning tools, seeing some pals, and liberating some deviled eggs before hitting the road,

and look at pretty friend kelly!
are your eyes blue?