Daily Archives: 5/3/2005


last weekend I moved my stuff to NJ. I flew out to PGH on Sat. AM and very good friend mariss picked me up at the airport. I expected extra security because I had a one-way ticket, but nonesuch! Mariss brought me to my old home and we got michelle and went for lunch (happily joined by kelly partway through), and then I didn’t have any excuse but to go pack.

Here’s something: Michelle? is a superstar. She packed up at least 1/2 of my stuff for me. She totally did all of the kitchen and most of the living room, and it made it SO MUCH EASIER for me to know that I didn’t have to worry about those areas when I was packing. She’s amazing. Really truly amazing.

So because of all of michelle’s hard work the packing went pretty well. we took a longish dinner break so I stayed up kind of early but it wasn’t too bad. I got up at 7:30 to do more packing and then got the truck and bagels. I finished just as everyone arrived to load the truck (because they were late, I had plenty of time!) and that went alarmingly fast.

I had told everyone that michelle had all of the furniture, and that I didn’t have much. Not really true. I have at least 1/2, I guess — but michelle’s furniture is the USEFUL stuff. that you sit on and eat off of. So I was a little confused. I apparently only notice useful stuff!

the gang did a superbangup job of the truck loading, and my 15 footer was comfortably empty. Not really empty, but not embarrassingly full. That’s always key. after some quality time I drove off away from the sunset. My drive was pretty good, not too sleepifying, and I listened to current popular music on the radio and ate bacon horseradish chips. Classaay.

I pulled into NJ around 9:30 and the mister, one of his roommates, and our friends nick and elly (neighbors!) all helped unload. It only took about an hour, which was good, because it was very late and I didn’t want to wake up everyone in the building.

And then I locked the door and drove back to matt’s. I was too tired to deal with setting up my bed, plus, there is a lot of important things (like work clothes!) at matt’s still. I’ll move in for real on wednesday, I bought cleaning supplies yesterday and will head there after work tomorrow and get everything settled. at least enough to sleep there, I hope!

I’m awfully excited, I have plans to paint the living room and to put fabric up in the bedroom. It’s a good sized apt. for the area (although it’s a patch on a PGH one-bedroom!) and it’s in a great part of town. I’m excited to really move in and to get familiar with everything around there. Of course, it’ll be easier to do that when I have a weekend to spend in the area, but it’ll happen sometime. I have a lot of travel plans: next weekend is mothers day, so I’m coercing my mom to help me move a couch from albany. the weekend after that is my granulation and I’m just going to go for the reception, and to help michelle pack. after that is a potentially free weekend but there’s a few little things penciled in. At least it’s a LOCAL weekend, that’s important. And after that is memorial day weekend, and I’d like to go back to pgh to sweep out the apartment.

All in all? not bad. Super busy. I wish I could say june would be better, but now I’m remembering what summer is all about: overcommitment!