I joined a gym and today is my first official day. I have a date there for the walk around/intro “personal training” session, so I guess I’ll get into it. I am kind weirded out by the whole “belonging to a gym” thing, but it is obvious that with my knee injury and full time job and commute I will never get off my keyster to get moving. So I need to pay someone to help me with that.

Although: this webpage makes me want to seriously begin lifting weights. she’s amazing! and they say that weight training is one of the best exercises for women, too.

Oh, here’s the dirty secret about the gym: it’s right next door to an ice cream parlor. No, really, it shares a wall and everything. How the heck am I going to work out and NOT get an ice cream cone on the way home? at least I have to walk to and from the gym, I mean, it’s SO CLOSE to my house that it would be silly not to. And that’s a good set up.