Worlds! Largest! Garage Sale!

a couple of weeks ago I went up to the Worlds! Largest! Garage Sale! in Warrensburg with some girlfriends. it was superfun!

We all drove up the night before and met at daddy-o’s house, where we were kindly housed in the 5th wheel camper. it was a cold night, but the sleeping bags were quite toasty. it was the first time camping for one of our girls! how exciting! it also changed my mind about mummy sleeping bags. I’ve been using a threadbare worn out sleeping bag from (potentially at least) 15 years ago, and I have been reluctant to upgrade to a mummy bag. now that I see how wonderfuly cozy a big new warm sleeping bag is in the fall (favorite time to camp! less bugs! hats around campfires!) I think I’ll make the plunge.

we got up at 5:15 AM (it seemed more reasonable than 5AM) and had some lovely continental breakfast courtesy the folks and drove up in my stepsisters borrowed minivan, arriving around 7:45 or so. And traffic was already backed up until the highway! we found the last free parking spot on the side of the road and walked off into the fray.

there were a lot of things that I DIDN’T buy, including v.c. andrews books and these awesome tree faces.

so many vc andrews tree faces!

and there were BONNETS. which I did buy, because it was 25 cents.


we shopped until *I* dropped, and then we all sat on the ground and took pictures of our goodies.
and then we sat on the ground

digicam 100

kari and booty

I bought the bonnet, some adirondack note cards, the first four books from the Nurse Sue Barton series, heidi, and 4 wood planes.

then I walked back and got the car (note: the wood planes shown above were so incredibly heavy. they were a special request from dad, and I’m glad I found them so quickly, but I’m more glad that sarah offered to carry them while I dashed back for the car) and found a back road through warrensburg past the traffic and picked up the girls. I’d thought the garage sale was moderately crowded before, but on the way back it was like wading through chinatown on a holiday weekend when it’s full of tourists:

the madness walking back through town

but did I mention what a spectacular morning it was?

we drove to bolton landing where we ate lunch and looked at lake george and took copious self-photos.
selfportrait bonanza

it was a lovely day.

group photo

after that we drove back to troy where they’d parked their borrowed car, and we did MORE thrifting at the salvation army, and then they headed south and I ate a nice dinner at the cracker barrel and went home myself.

(more photos from kayte and lorelei. my full set here.)