Daily Archives: 10/8/2006

September 2006 books

56. It Ends with Revelations by Dodie Smith
57. All that Remains by Patricia Cornwall
58. The Selected Journals of L.M. Montgomery Vol II: 1910-1924
59. Blowfly by Patricia Cornwall
60. Life Support by Tess Gerritsen
61. Blindsight by Robin Cook
62. Gravity by Tess Gerritsen
63. Laura by Vivian Schurfranz
64. Nora by Jeffie Ross Gordon
65. Diana by Mary Francis Schura
66. Jacquelyn by Jeffie Ross Gordon
67. Jenie by Jane Claypool Miner
68. Josie by Vivian Schurfranz
69. Margaret by Jane Claypool Miner
70. Corey by Jane Claypool Miner
71. Veronica by Jane Claypool Miner
72. Cassie by Vivian Schurfranz
73. Julie by Vivian Schurfranz
74. Caroline by Willo Davis Roberts
75. Venitia by Georgette Heyer
* the books with girls names are all sunfire books, which are books featuring young girls in various tulmultous times of american history. I used to read them in middle school and I learned a lot about various epic adventures. of course, they’ve all got the same basic structure: girl in thrilling period of american history must choose between two totally different but equally devoted suitors. this page is a great reference. you know, if you’re interested in learning more. I bought a lot of 15 from ebay in the spring.

** Venitia is NOT a sunfire romance, it was a selection of the chicklit book club and is a 1958 regency period novel. I really enjoyed it.

*** mom has passed along quite a few thriller mass market paperbacks, and I did my best to read all the odds and ends on my bookshelf this month. I’m passing them along to the lending library at my gym, or to Kathleen. I hope someone else enjoys them!

**** I can NOT believe I’m up to 75 books. It’s because they’re all trash, but whatever. I’ll take it. I am so well on my way to 100 books this year. as long as I don’t start watching lots of dvds, I’ll totally make it.