Daily Archives: 10/24/2006

clothes etc.

since the last buy vs. make inventory,

I’ve made a bunch of skirts:

* I redid my pink upholstry skirt so it isn’t falling apart.
* I made two pleated skirts: one short for my bday, one long for every day.
* I made a purple skirt as practice for my silk skirt which I will now wear to almost every holiday occasion I have this winter.

on the buying: I purchased 10 pairs of socks. exciting! but I will wear them all winter long: I bought

* 2 pairs of long chevrons (which I absolutely LOVE)
* 1 pair of ankle chevrons
* 3 pairs of the N40 (the only bad thing about these is that they are nylon)
* 2 pairs of the M40
* 1 pair of M43s
* 2 pairs of plain flat knit over the knee socks
* and some dorky socks: thigh high crochet net and little booties.

I also went to the outlets in maryland and bought

* a jean jacket
* a cotton jacket
* a red short sleeved sweater
* a pair of jeans
* a pair of trousers

I hadn’t bought pants in at least 4 years! So I was probably due some. and jackets, now, they are hard to make.

I’ve accumulated/purchased 6 or 7 tshirts over the summer, primarily from threadless, though a couple were from a craft fair or the 5K I ran.

Of course, on the other hand, I thought about going to target last night to get more long sleeved shirts and underpants (which I do need, badly), but the act of going to target seemed so horrifying that I just went home.

so, net buy vs. make over the last 7 months? heavier on the buy than the make, but at least I didn’t have any duplication. I’d rather buy trousers and jackets and I really didn’t have any fun graphics tees – so I think it’s a wash in all directions. and shoot! I just counted: I made 5 skirts in 7 months, and they all came out really really well. I should NOT lose track of that.

anyway: speaking of tshirts, I’m planning to get out all my old tshirts and start cutting them up for makeup removal pads. I saw these, but they are in the UK and also terrycloth (which is kind of rough). I asked my internet friends about it, and they pointed me to someone who makes them from flannel and then someone suggested using old sweatshirts, and then I thought hey! old tshirts! they are soft, kind of absorbant, and I can cut them into squares and zigzag stitch several layers together to get a small structured square for wiping my eye make up off of my face. and it reuses things that I don’t need or want, and that might otherwise be sold in africa with a net effect of undermining local textiles producers.