Last weekend was the philly office party, and michelle and I decided to make a weekend of it. Actually, it ended up being less than 24 hours, but it was still pretty fun. we drove down on sat. after I fixed my skirt and we packed and slept in and were sleepy, and got to town around 4:30. the hotel we were staying at was charitably called “european” on various on-line rating boards, but it was the only one with availability that didn’t cost $334 (pre tax). But despite the nonworking elevator (since june at least! can you imagine?) and the space where there should have been a headboard (ripped from the wall! yikes!) and the part where our room hadn’t been cleaned before we got there and smelled like skunky weed, we safely stayed and didn’t pick up any bugs or other vermin. phew.

The sunday after the office party (where, as I’ve mentioned before, there was arm wrestling – but also kareoke! but just me! ha!) we only had a little bit of time to spend in town. We managed to find a nice diner to eat in. I snapped a few photos from our walk around town.

we stopped in to a chocolate shop and had one piece of beautiful perfect chocolate each:


and there were some VERY PRETTY flowers there, too. and I’m not talking about michelle and I.

I think these are orchids.

outside of the chocolate shop, we saw something that reminded us of koray. it turns out that he was thinking of us at the same time. serendipity! of course, if he took this photo it would be framed a little straighter. oops.

for koray

on the witherspoon building, we found a relief that really confuses me. Why is only matthew a man? mark, luke, and john are animals.

matthew, mark, luke and john

according to the building this was also the presbyterian board of publications and sabbath school work.

there were a lot of things that we didn’t get to see and that we’ll have to go back for. Like the fabric workshop and museum, and this shop:

store of treasures

on the way out of town, michelle hopped out of the car and took a photo of one of my favorite statues ever.

nogochi statue

seriously, when you think of ben franklin, what do YOU think of? Noguchi, you are a genius. a crazy, crazy, wonderful genius.

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