Daily Archives: 10/16/2006

week in advance

  • Monday: gym and therapy
  • Tuesday and/or Wednesday: gym, cut and sew purple skirt, start on pretty silk/tulle skirt. Issue: need to finish skirt before friday b/c I want to wear it on Sat., and Friday and Sat. are booked up so no last minute finishing of garments (Kathleen will be so pleased to see the amount of future-planning involved here!). Also, Tuesday and/or Wednesday: potentially dining with friends Paula and Sara? TBD.
  • Thursday: Guest lecture in Cooper Union transportation class (leave work early, class is at 2-5) on the subject of “alternative transportation planning processes.” yoga in PM if I’m back home by 8:30.
  • Friday: Morning meeting in the field, staff meeting at lunch, evening birthday party in Crown Heights, meet Rachel at Port Authority afterwards to come home to NJ.
  • Saturday: sheep and wool festival with Rachel and Sarah (it’s her birthday next week, so we’re having girls day!). Then Cooper Union Art Auction and Casino Night, wherein I will wear my new pretty silk/tulle skirt.
  • Sunday: brunch? sleep? gym? Knit corn baby!!