Daily Archives: 10/15/2006

me at the gardens

digicam 220

I really love this self-photo – I’m not sure that it looks like me, really, but wow!

bike whee!

I got an email from kevin, an old coworker, asking if anyone would like to go to the jets/dolphins game today ’cause he had two extra tickets. Well, I wasn’t sure about the game but I did call him up this morning and made sure he’d be there, and then I hopped on my bike and rode over to the stadium for tailgating! it was SO Much Fun. I was all smiles the whole way there! I had forgotten how awesome it is to ride a bike somewhere – how satisfying it is to power yourself to a destination, and how fun the trip is. I might be crazy, but I also love the interaction on the roads with cars. maybe it’s the punk-rock speaking but it’s exciting and dyanamic and nothing makes you feel tougher or more awesome than passing cars as they wait in traffic to get into a football stadium.

I DID get a lot of comments about “auntie em” (I understand the reference, but not quite correct), mary poppins, nice socks (pink and fushia stripes – a piece of safety clothing!), and some whistles of the wicked witch of the west theme song. but I got a lot of smiles, a few “smart idea!”s, and some thumbs up too. and I made the 3 1/2 mile ride there in 20 minutes or so, and probably 30 minutes on the way home (it’s mostly downhill there, and I had a stiff headwind on my way back). it is a beautiful day here in NJ today – cool and sunny, and I brought my headwarmer and wore my mittens on the way back.

So very excellent. really awesome. I’ve been telling Kevin I’d meet him there for the last 1 1/2 years, so I’m super glad to have done it.