silk skirt: check!

got my skirt done! YAY.


first I sewed the outside just like I had the purple skirt. I stopped before I put in the waistband.


then I did it all over again, but with tighter seam allowances and in black poly/cotton:


it was a little too small, so I took out the darts and it was perfect.

Then I sewed it all together with the waistband, and basted the lining to the zipper so it’s all together. and I ironed it and finished the hem and tacked down the waistband.

to be honest, the lining was a pain, but the net/tulle was even harder:


I tried to put net down first, and then 2 layers of the tulle/gauzy stuff (one as long as the net, one longer). if it weren’t so hard I might tweak it, but it’s good enough for me/now. it really took a long time to manhandle all the materials down into place!

I am SO GLAD to be done. two skirts in one week is a lot of sewing! This one took 2 nights, which makes sense b/c I was essentially sewing two skirts. and now, it’s off to bed. I am worn out.