new purple skirt

last night, as per my “week in advance” plan, I went home and got ready to make a new skirt. and by got ready to make a new skirt, I mean read a book while enjoying a nice cup of soup and cheese and crackers for dinner. When kathleen called at 9:30 I was so embarassed! I saw it was her and thought “oh no! I’m in for it!” she gave me a hard time, but while we were on the phone I laid out my pattern and cut the pieces and marked them. it took me about 2 1/2 hours (and that’s finishing every seam neatly) but I finished!

here’s my messy messy work area:
look! I even basted in the zipper! don’t I look THRILLED to be following the pattern to a T? the zipper did come out awfully nice, I must admit. I don’t know if it’s nicer than it WOULD have been, but that’s ok.

and the skirt:
purpleskirtside purpleskirtfront

this was a dry run for my anticipated silk and tulle skirt I want to wear to the casino night I’m attending on sat. it’s the same pattern, but I wanted to do it first on some sturdy materials so I wouldn’t mess up any flimsy silk. tonight I’m going to stop by the rag shop for thread and a zipper and black muslin if they have it, and then home again to whip up a slip with tulle edging. then I’ll see how it looks with skirt #1 (currently wearing), and then proceed with skirt #2 in the silk.