Day in review

  • "43% of college-ed women btwn ages 33-46 are childless" RT @nytimesstyle: Motherlode: Gen X Women Choose Work Over Kids? #
  • Awesome! RT @suehle: How to teach the next generation of open source with Scratch: Can't wait to get the kid using this. #
  • I got a box and a fedex slip, and I'm thrilled to ship my dirty clothes and conference swag home instead of carrying it to georgia! #
  • What's my best bet: go to sleep early tonight (6 or 7 pst) and get up way early (like 4?) to get back on est? #
  • Crazy town at Oceana. AND you have to walk through the casino to get here! #
  • This carpet is amazing, I hope @mikegrundy doesn't object to installing it at our house! #

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