Daily Archives: 7/15/2011

Nails and knitting

Turns out I accidentally picked the exact same color as my knitting. nerd party!


Hairs cut

I worked from home today so I could get my hair cut. I’m super short now for the first time since college, when in to the Vidal Sasson teaching salon for an “orbit” and came out with a less coolly named cut. it’s wonderful, I’d been feeling for the last couple of years that my long hair was getting in the way, like it was taking over my head and overshadowing my personality.


So the thing that is shocking me is how well my bangs and I are getting along. They’re not that hard to manage, they don’t make my forehead hot, and I don’t feel like I’m hiding behind them. I’ve avoided bangs vehemently since 7th grade and now I kind of like them. Oceans are boiling, people.