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After a family dinner, a rainy day spent in V&A museum, and a quick sunny walk, @mikegrundy and I are heading home. Lovely 48 hrs in London! # Powered by Twitter Tools

On our way to London to see Ranger get married! # Powered by Twitter Tools

Whoa. After waking up in TN at 4am, flying back and doing a full days work in NJ, then intensive homework time w Nine for the last 2 hours.. # Powered by Twitter Tools

Thankful for my sweet family this weekend, and thankful for dear @mikegrundy, maker of trips and holder of hands. http://t.co/5OyBb852 # Powered by Twitter Tools

It's no midnight train, but I did get up super early to catch this flight to Georgia. # Charlotte airport, you are so civilized with your free wifi! # That moment when you realize putting down the airline seat armrest … Continue reading

She's wearing knee socks, shorts, and what appear to be mcycle boots! Proof a fashion maven is following me around. http://t.co/g3CIaQFL # Powered by Twitter Tools

Guns n hoses game tonight. http://t.co/RLJjgIvo # Powered by Twitter Tools

Just for the record, I am TOTALLY and ENTIRELY better off now then I was four years ago. INCLUDING economically. #atleastoneperson # Powered by Twitter Tools

GOOD LUCK TO YOU BOTH. http://t.co/wRnunjqI # Powered by Twitter Tools

After a week of afternoon beach snacks, today I had serious cheezball withdrawal at 3pm. #secondlunch # Powered by Twitter Tools

Teaching Nine how to knit! http://t.co/UF8kUicr # Assuaging his week away from screen time with non-stop Futurama episodes. http://t.co/mkGpFRO9 # Powered by Twitter Tools

Fam vacation/honeymoon re-entry. Think I'll finally finish the mittens for @mikegrundy now he's my HUSBAND?! http://t.co/kPvC813v # Powered by Twitter Tools

oh hai. today I went for a run and it was horribly hot and exhausted and I can't catch my breath right because I'm so stressed. sigh. # Powered by Twitter Tools

Introduced the boys to Gramma's lovelite choc cake AND the renowned money cake for NINE's bday today! http://t.co/GarRtVGb # Powered by Twitter Tools

Y'all I got 2nd place in my age group! Not a big race but still: WHOOO! http://t.co/Tsxbr5Xt # Powered by Twitter Tools

Eight's first time at day camp today and felt seriously sadface as I left him sitting by himself. He's probs got ALL THE FRIENDS now but… # Powered by Twitter Tools

That cheeseburger I ate last night at 10pm is sitting heavy. Ugh. # Powered by Twitter Tools

Lies I tell myself while running: it's ok that I haven't run for a week – I've been MOTORCYCLING, which uses core muscles! #terriblerun # Powered by Twitter Tools

woke up feeling a little wobbly and I'm due for a job site visit today 2 hours away… hope leftover ravioli does the trick. #dizzybroad # Just learned that you do not have to be an elected member of congress … Continue reading

So it occurs to me that if I'm so stressed out by not reading twitter that I don't tweet, I really need to reconsider the list of "follows@ # “@JessicaValenti: Wish stats on gender/domestic work accts for mental labor. It's … Continue reading