Daily Archives: 7/12/2011

Daily cheat: what’s happened lately

I went to Reno week before last.

It was super pretty outside, but the insides were … Well. It’s a casino and resort in a place where smoking in public spaces is still legal and where local brothels (also legal) were heavily advertised. In the other hand I saw lots of people who were clearly there for an affordable luxury-style vacation, and good clean fun.

The casino carpet, on the other hand, was AMAZING. where can I get some for our house? I pretty sure that sweet mike will at least permit an area rug in the attic. 20110711-074153.jpg

And the fish/sushi restaurant in the resort. Underwatertown! It was delicious, actually. I read a book while I ate. Can you believe that this was the first time I’ve eaten in a sit down restaurant by myself? Rite of passage: passed!


Then I went to Columbus Ga for a family wedding. It was beautiful! And I spotted this knit bomb on the river walk:


A close-up:


And then home again to our gorgeous and clean-for-once home. With gargoyles. Aaah.


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