Daily Archives: 7/28/2011


Started a gallon of sauerkraut tonight with Mike manning the mandoline and myself in charge of recipe reading, mixing, and packing. We used 1/2 gallon jars – the largest I could find at our local supermarket with canning supplies – and filled and stashed two jars under the cabinet. We weighted the cabbage with ziplock bags of brine, as suggested in The Joy if Pickling. If it gets too hot next week we will move it to the basement.


This used two heads of cabbage, we have two more in the fridge. We will probably make kimchi with the rest in Sunday (no matter how non-traditional it is to use white cabbage).

working from home today: auspiciously to provide little dudes with late afternoon supervision, but also have to clean for the cleaners. bah! # We have a bunch of thyme fm CSA – want to try infusing vodka. Anything else to … Continue reading