holiday party starring mariss and kelly

I had so much fun at the holiday party starring mariss and kelly. there wasn’t any traffic getting to or from pittsburgh, and also, there were new and old friends, and also, latvian breakfast for two days straight! I love pittsburgh, but mostly, I love mariss and kelly. as I lay in the tiny bedroom I imagined a world where I moved in with them and we all lived happily ever after. Don’t worry, kids, my job doesn’t have a PGH office. Yet.


this is NOT a photo of mariss and kelly and I, regardless of the context that immediately preceeds it. It is BRUCE and kelly and I. just saying. don’t bruce and I look like twins? it’s in the cheeks and the nose and potentially the squinty eyes. not that I’m saying bruce has squinty eyes. well. moving on!

jesse was there with his plates and screws and his crutch! and his lovely wife aurora!

jessefoot lovelyaurora

there were a couple of babies, one of whom, I’d like to think, had his first long-arm-kari selfphoto taken.


I DID finish my dress, but the photos came out so full of flash that I think I’ll have someone else photograph me in daylight so y’all can see it. it came out pretty wonderful, if I do say so myself. ahem.

and did I mention latvian breakfast twice? thank you mariss and kelly! you are again the hosts with the mosts!