Daily Archives: 12/15/2006

foggy friday

it is so foggy outside my window: it’s like working in a cloud. which is fun, but surreal. when I got into work an hour ago it was still dark outside and as if there was nothing at all past the walls of the building.

I finished the blue dress last night! it took some staring at the pattern to figure out how to finish the straps and bodice, but it was alarmingly easy once I got it figured out. the best part about making your own dress is how, after you seam up the sides, you can put it on inside out and pin it to your body in order to fit it particularly well. I still have to hem the skirt, so maybe “finished” is too strong a word, but I’m going to wear it to the holiday party on sat.

speaking of holiday party, I’m heading out tonight for the Best Holiday Party of the year in pittsburgh. am super excited. I want to download a book on tape for my drive, but I don’t have a way to put it onto my car stereo. I asked gabulon if I could borrow her ipod dohickey but I’m a little nervous that this fancy proprietary ipod stuff means it plugs into a fancy ipod hole and not a more universally useful headphones hole. I’ll email her and see.

I’m extra tired from all the exciting dress sewing and packing and getting up early to get things done to get on the road. and the fog isn’t helping! but it’s so nice to be sitting in work and to know that in 9 hours or so, I’ll be hitting the road west. super.