Daily Archives: 12/19/2006


it’s a good thing that mariss keeps reminding me that I am The Man, because I’m at work still and it’s 11:21. there were several events that culminated to this occasion: dude who does figures never did them, even though I constantly reminded him of the deadline and he constantly assured me that he’d be done with them “tomorrow.” also lovely lady who is normally totally on top of things apparently blew off my project in the face of louder and more masculine blowhards, and we are both at work refining the calculations. also, I have a confession that many of you may be totally jaw-droppingly shocked to learn: I am a big fat procrastinator. so when I say I am at work at this time of night, you should also know that I just exhausted the internet and am finally ready to get down to work. (though in my own defense I did have a meeting from 6:30 to 11 with the lovely lady, and we did have order-in chinese food. so it wasn’t all goofing on the internet. just the stuff I should have done during the day. shoot.)

King Oscar Sardines

My friend Lorelei raved to me about king oscar brand sardines so I had to get them. She even has a little rhyme, which I can’t remember for the life of me. I hadn’t ever tried them before because they don’t seem to come in flavors in my grocery stores, just oils and water. here is a terrible photo of the can wrapping:


the back says something about the sardines being caught in the sparkling fjords of norway. if you should know anything about me, it’s that I love fjords. I love the word, the concept, and the potential for harnessing the power of the sea as it rushes in and out of the fjords. so these sardines are, apparently, for me. the website also points out that the more fish in a can indicates the higher quality. so I shouldn’t have been so impressed when I popped the fish can open and found these lovely morsels waiting for me:


they were so beautifully even and glowing with good sardiney health! I was amazed. the tasted awfully good, too. I have to admit that these were my first sardines in olive oil, and it was awfully great. this, however, was the exciting part:


look! a little tail! some of you might find this nasty or gross, but to me it indicates a sardine that was packed with extreme care and gentleness. usually there isn’t a tail and the sardine is kind of messed up in the can. these sardines were firm yet tender, and had wee fish parts still on them. the spines weren’t too bony or crunch either, which is always a good thing.

so, I would say that lorelei is 10,000% percent. king oscar sardines ARE the best. these were superawesome, and I would highly recommend.

holiday party starring mariss and kelly

I had so much fun at the holiday party starring mariss and kelly. there wasn’t any traffic getting to or from pittsburgh, and also, there were new and old friends, and also, latvian breakfast for two days straight! I love pittsburgh, but mostly, I love mariss and kelly. as I lay in the tiny bedroom I imagined a world where I moved in with them and we all lived happily ever after. Don’t worry, kids, my job doesn’t have a PGH office. Yet.


this is NOT a photo of mariss and kelly and I, regardless of the context that immediately preceeds it. It is BRUCE and kelly and I. just saying. don’t bruce and I look like twins? it’s in the cheeks and the nose and potentially the squinty eyes. not that I’m saying bruce has squinty eyes. well. moving on!

jesse was there with his plates and screws and his crutch! and his lovely wife aurora!

jessefoot lovelyaurora

there were a couple of babies, one of whom, I’d like to think, had his first long-arm-kari selfphoto taken.


I DID finish my dress, but the photos came out so full of flash that I think I’ll have someone else photograph me in daylight so y’all can see it. it came out pretty wonderful, if I do say so myself. ahem.

and did I mention latvian breakfast twice? thank you mariss and kelly! you are again the hosts with the mosts!