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Year in Review: 2006

January: Received word that I had won the PE. YAY. Continued to attend physical therapy 3x a week. Enjoyed the tangible sensation of sucess as my muscles obviously and quickly responded to the treatment. Bought lots of long socks. Discovered bento boxes and magic erasers.
February: Presented thesis at Water and Environment Association meeting. Received a gold star from knee surgeon, dropped to 2x physical therapy and 1x gym workout in order to stretch out PT from insurance as long as possible, and then 1x PT and 2x gym workout. First blizzard with the Insight made me realize why some people don’t like to drive their nice shiny new cars in snow. Kicked off the new year with yummy vegan dim sum and lovelier ladies. FINALLY painted my bedroom. Mardi Gras party in PGH. Got an office at work b/c we ran out of cubicle room in the office.
March: Continued PT at 1x a week until insurance ran out. really worked hard at moving into apartment in preparation for party in April. To baltimore with crafty girlfriends. I am “the crispy noodle on the vegetarian salad of life.”
April: Started running, for real, for the first time in 2ish years. Finished the apartment including the hanging of heavy things. Sewed a skirt. Celebrated my birthday and “housewarming” in my apartment. Accidentally became a Mary Kay lady. Kelly’s bday party in PGH and Joy’s baby shower. Still haven’t finished corn baby.
May: Presented thesis at conference near Atlantic City. Spring cleaning and seed planting. Had first 60 mph tank of gas in insight. Serge and Tara’s wedding in MD. New project that will rule my life kicked off. Heart broken. Got new pink Razr phone.

June: Sad Sad Sad. Fell upon the bosum of my family. Sewed a skirt. Attended Mary Kay workshops and meetings. CSA started. Bought window fan for apartment. Dorky purchases of month: worms and eco-swiffer (a sh-mop). Received worms and worm bins! strengthened connections with lots of girls and started lovely dinners and drinks gatherings in earnest. Made a fez.
July: MK debut party. Started couch-to-5K. Prepared for eye dr. by wearing glasses for a week, and that means also wearing cataract style sunglasses over my glasses [[HOTT]]. Annual union picnic at the great escape with my lovely family. 3-D birthday party. Visit to Ranger in CT. Rock’n’roll shows. So very many vegetables. Car vs. Truck Tire, truck tire wins. found second new car dealership. japanese dollar store.
August: Got car back all repaired and shiny. Rock’n’roll show. Trained for 5K. First beach vacation of the year with michelle and family. Extra hotness inspires feelings of punk rocker street cred b/c I don’t have an A/C. Food posse! BBQs and new babies. Worked until 5AM so as to be able to take second beach vacation in Assateague, featuring fixing broken tent poles, new and life altering sunshade, breaking the corkscrew and using pliers instead, and also, phone theives. Got new phone, and thank goodness for phone insurance.
September: Realized I was a valued employee, accidentally almost got another job, received instead a promotion and raise at current job (unrelated events). another rock’n’roll show. Ran 5K, and did pretty well. Worked worked worked.

October: Pirate Band. Office Party in Philly. Chihuly exhibit. Sewed two skirts. Sheep and wool festival with stepsisters. Alumni auction and casino night with ladies. Lots of quality time with Rachel. Trip to TN to help pack up Gramma.
November: Mariss’ bday party in PGH. four year anniversery of blog. Bought awesome new boots, and oh, some other shoes. instituted moratorium on shoe shopping. Reupholstered couch. Rediscovered sardines. had legs waxed for first time ever. Thanksgiving in albany, including trip to peace pagoda and insightful and thought-provoking discussion on anticonsumerism.

December: office holiday party. incredibly lovely cocktail party with beautiful food and interesting guests. sewed new party dress. holiday party in PGH. luncheon at the CIA (not that one). decided to quit MK. one year birthday for wee car. surprise additional raise at work. Xmas in albany with (primarily) my nephews. Extremely hectic last few weeks at work.
So this year started out with rehabbing and recovering from surgery, and then midyear I started recovery from some serious grief. It’s been a year of building strength and serious forced growth.  All that said and I know I say this every year, but: 2007 will be the best year ever. I have made a lot of positive changes at work, at home, and inside my charming brain. Yay me. Happy new year y’all!