Daily Archives: 12/27/2006

the guns and the wine.

I don’t know if I mentioned before that my brother wanted my dad’s old rifles, and so my dad dropped them off at my house on his way north from TN to hold until my brother got a gun cabinet. maybe because I had two rifles on the top shelf of my coat closet and that is a little freaky. I mean, seriously. I’m a single girl living alone, I don’t need to give a potential stalker any MORE reasons to break into my house, you know? but now that the guns are out of my hands I can share with y’all this hilarious interlude of my life.

so, thursday night I worked until 5AM getting a report off to the PM. I went home and slept until around 8, and then packed my car. I got the guns out of the closet and made sure they were well wrapped in the old pink chenelle bedspread dad had packed them in, and put them in my car. I also grabbed my clothes, laundry, all my gifts, wrapping paper for all my gifts, fixin’s to make sweet and spicy nuts, snacks for the car, a bottle of wine as a hostess gift, and a 1/2 bottle of wine leftover from my cocktail party.

And it wasn’t until I was halfway to work that morning that I realized I was travelling with two rifles and an open bottle of wine. Ha!  Plus, because I was so tired the drive up to albany was torture. I had visions of falling asleep at the wheel, crashing, finding myself surrounded with police officers standing around checking out my smashed bottle of wine and exposed rifles. YIKES. Lucikly that didn’t happen. And luckily the guns are out of my house.

five things

a lovely friend of mine named stellargirl tagged me to do a five things meme. I did a six things meme a while ago, so I’m going to try and come up with five totally new and hitherto unknown things about me. It’s hard, because I have been pretty up front about things here, and also, because most of the people who read this blog are actual real life friends and/or my mother. but I’ll do my best.

  1. for the casual blog reader, you might think I’m a total slave to mileage and therefoer drive at a steady 65 mph. truth be told, I love driving fast. the faster the better. I used to drive fast all the time, anywhere I went, and miraculously didn’t get any speeding tickets until the year I lived in pittsburgh and drove to albany for holidays. This is kind of an out, because it’s not news to most people. you might be surprised to know, though, that inspite of my typical ability to inspire great comfort and trust in my passengers because of my strong road skills, I have had one fellow in my car who was so scared out of his mind that he caught a ride home with a stranger (really a friend of a friend) rather than get back into my car. It could have been that part where I ate a burrito while driving through rainy rockland county in a 5-speed car with a broken speedometer. So maybe it wasn’t me, maybe it was the car.
  2. I feel pretty dumb about this, but I’m totally going to learn to play golf in the spring. It’s the new glass ceiling. Our drafter Amanda has promised to take me and another lady to the pitch and putt when it’s better weather and show us the ropes.
  3. The part about my job, speaking of jobs, that I like the best is talking to clients. I don’t like the parts where I say “oh, and sorry to say this, but there’s a lot of mystery contamination that we’re going to have to remediate,” what I like is when I have a client on a phone and somehow they find out I am originally from Tennessee, and they went to school in TN, and then I find out they’re from pittsburgh and I went to school in PGH, and then they ask if I’m into country music and I say no, more bluegrass, and then I’m telling them how I take dolly parton cd’s out of the library to prep for karaoke. THAT’s what I like.
  4. I keep a secret list in my head of places I’d like to travel to. it’s really really long, and many of the places are so far away and unreachable (like the wilds of northern canada, or alaska, or siberia and mongolia) that it would require serious time off to get there.
  5. I’m hopelessly behind in balancing my checkbook and it makes me feel crummy! I have been lax for the last year or so. I just caught up to February 2006, but knowing that there are checks out there undeposited and potentially ready to gang up on my bank balance and swoop in really drives me crazy. I don’t know if that is the secret, or if the secret is that I love to have a nice ordered and balanced checkbook. Sometimes I do the subtraction by hand when I’m waiting for someone. THAT is the crazy part, for sure.

OK. so now I’m supposed to tag 5 people. The thing is: most of my friends don’t have blogs. so I’ll tag some of you readers to answer in the comments – Kelly and Kathleen. joy, jesse (if it doesn’t offend your content scheme), and stacey (you can think of 5 more secrets too!), y’all are tagged too!